Rock Climbing Karavshin and Aksu valley

Rock Climbing Karavshin and Aksu valley

The nature of Kyrgyzstan is amazing. Its mountain landscapes are various in different corners of the Republic.  «Central Asia Tours» presents a new climbing program which goes along the gorges of the Turkestan mountain range and takes you to the heart of the Pamir-Alai mountain system, right to peak Ak-Suu. Turkestan mountain range region is quite interesting and unusual. It reminds South American Patagonia – same wilderness, winds blowing through, mountain streams with pure water, alpine meadows, herds of yaks grazing peacefully, glaciers surrounded with 5000+ meters Peaks and not a sign of civilization… 

But still, there is one significant advantage of Asian mountains from the South American analog –stable and warm weather. The mountain trails going above the steeps, wild nature, panoramic views of the canyons crowned by snow-white peaks and treks to the foot of peak Piramidalnyi (5509m), which is the highest point of Turkestan range, peak Ak-Suu (5355m), Slesova (4240m) – all these will leave an unforgettable impression on everybody!!! 

Duration of the program:   from   July to  September 2021



First. Arrival Osh transfer to Ozgorush village. (325 km 7 hours). Accommodation in the guest house Nurdin.

Second. Arrival Osh transfer to Sary-Jaz. (325km 7 hours) Accommodations in tents. 




Trekking day

First: Trekking days to Jagichy (10 hours) stay in tents Central Asia  Tours 

Second: Trekking days to Sary Jaz -Kur -Baka( 7-8 hours) stay  in tents Central Asia Tours 


Trekking day

First: Trekking Jagychy -  (Kara-Suu)  Karavshin valley (7-8 hours)   

Second:  Trekking Kur-Baka- Ak-Suu valley (5-6 hours) 


4-18 Climbing

Acclimatization. Climbing activities.


19-20 Trekking

Trekking to Sary-Jaz 


Transfer Osh

After trekking transfer to Osh. Stay in the Hotel! 


Fly to Home

Transfer to airport, Fly to home. 

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Price includes:

– Transfers,

– Horses to carry a load to the BC and back,

– Accommodation at the hotel, 1 night,

– Accommodation at the Base camp,

– Meals on the way, in towns, and at the Base Camp,

– Consultations on the route,

– Radio communication with the BC during the ascent,

– Douche or sauna at the Base Camp,

– All necessary permits and papers


Price doesn’t include


– Fuel (gas, petrol) for stoves and gas burners

– Meal during acclimatization and ascent activities,

– Satellite phone (by tariff),

– Insurance,