The Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai Mountains

Here you can feel like a bird soaring to the peaks. Cool white clouds surrounding you will enhance the mystical, and unforgettable feeling of touching the heavens.


From their majestic ice citadels to their sweeping verdant valley, mountains are the very soul of Kyrgyzstan. Fearless mountaineers pit their skills against peaks of over 7,000 meters while far below, day-trippers stroll in flower-strewn alpine valleys. Crystal clear lakes reflect the ever-changing sky, and families set up summer yurt camps with their herd on jailoos, high mountains pasture. 

The arms of two great mountains range embrace more than 90 percent of the country: The Tian Shan (Celestial Mountains) system stretches for 2500 km

from east to west, while the magnificent row of snowbound peaks, which make up the Tajik Pamir, spills their abrupt and arid slopes into southern Kyrgyzstan, More the 30 percent of the country is bound in permanents snow and ice. 

Kyrgyzstan's mountains are a playground for climbers. The summit ascends to the three giant higher than 7000 meters. Embracing the Kazakh border in the east, Khan Tengri (Lord of Spirits) rises to 7010 meters; its summit forms a perfect pyramid of the marble and fluted ridge that blazes in the sunset with the colors of hot coal. earning the nickname of Kan-Too (Blood Mountain).

Vast and bulky Jengish Chokusu, known by its Soviet name as Peak Pobedy, is Kyrgyzstan's highest mountain (7,439 meters). In the Pamir Mountains, Kuh-i- Garmo peak ( Peak Lenin)  soars to 7,134 meters. It is famous among mountaineers as the easiest "seventhousander" in the world. Off-Limits in the Soviet times. nearby, ranges boast a great number of unclimbed peaks, many of which do not require the technical skill of significant climbing experience. 


peak Asan ( 4,230 meters) and Peak Piramidalny (5,509 meters) Karavshin valley Pamir-Alai Mountains,

Always alluring, the mountains encompass a huge variety of beautiful landscapes-verdant valley, glistening glaciers, noisy rivers that leap over massive boulders. Silent valleys are home to yaks, birds of prey and rare Marco Polo Sheep. Forest of ancient walnut, fragrant juniper, and elegant Tian-Shan fir cloak the slopes.

Having seen the mountains, you will come away with a heart full of stunning panoramas, but perhaps even more. Maybe, it is the clean air or long hours of summer sunlight, or the Silk Road relics and ancient petroglyphs you stumble upon. Or even the bewitching beliefs in life-enhancing rivers, but you will take away a feeling of wellbeing as though revived by the magic and mystique of the mountains.