Discover Uzbekistan

Discover Uzbekistan

Discover the fabulous story of this beautiful country, admiring its wonders in the cities and remote villages.

Tour location: Uzbekistan.

Tour duration: 12 days.

Tour type: cultural discovery

Number of participants: According to the request

Best time to travel: April May, June, and August, September, October, first half of November

Itinerary: Fergana valley – Tashkent – Nukus – Zoroastrian fortresses – Khiva – Bukhara – Kyzyl Kum Desert – Samarkand – Tashkent

Description: An authentic route will take you along ancient caravan trails, trade roads of Central Asia. At the days of Great Silk Road between Europe and China, Samarkand and Bukhara were main trade destinations for caravans, that crossed its arid steppes, deserts of incredible heat in summer, and cold in winter, of course, there were times when they crossed flowering valleys. The land still attracted the interest of travelers and conquerors, intellectuals and artisans. Thus, from this flourishing period, they have preserved mosques and grand monuments. During this trip, you will discover a way of life that is far from what you have learned from the inhabitants of the Fergana Valley and other Uzbek regions, visit the impressive museum of Nukus - Desert Louvre, Zoroastrian clay fortresses that have survived for thousands of years. After visiting the wonders of Khiva and Bukhara, you will walk through the wild mountains of Nurata in absolute silence and peace. And to complete this trip, you will discover the famous place Registan and other historical wonders of Samarkand. Embark on a journey into the past, experience the hospitality of people and discover this fabulous country!


Meet at « Dostuk » border check point. Transfer to Kokand (Uzbekistan). Explore Fergana valley. Night in Kokand.

  • Meet at the border check point « Dostyk ». Transfer to Kokand city. On the way explore Fergana Valley curiosities. Discovery of the traditional market. Excursion to the silk factory "Yodgorlik", where you will get acquainted with the process of production of silk fibers and weaving. On the way to the silk factory, we will have several unexpected meetings with bakers, with whom you will get acquainted with the baking technique of Obi-non - traditional bread with a special baker pattern.  At your request, you can participate in the baking of bread in a clay oven "Tandyr". After visiting the factory, departure to the village of the traditional potter. Welcome tea at his home. The discovery of the process of making pottery in the Fergana Valley, known on the Silk Road, where local potters of that time designed and made clay household items for everyday use or decoration elements. Even today, potters use the technique of their ancestors. This potter makes his products by hand using a potter's wheel, using different clay and changing the temperature during firing.  

    He creates original models to meet the demands of his customers. A potter imagines an object, creates it and decorates it with an immaculate sense of style and bright color palette. His attitude to the smallest details, the reverent observance of age-old traditions and their integration into modern design gives rise to unique author's masterpieces of applied art. His deep knowledge of the correct selection of clay and the secrets of its kneading, as well as the most ancient techniques of polishing, carving, engraving, inlaying, glazing and firing, he lovingly passes on to his 20 students.

    Lunch with a potter's family (included). After lunch drive to Kokand city (45 km). Arrival and hotel accommodation. Overnight in Kokand. 

Explore Kokand city and transfer to Tashkent. Visit Tashkent. Flight to Nukus. Night in Nukus.

  • Breakfast.

    The discovery of the sights of the city of Kokand - a city that was once the center of a powerful khanate.

    Ø  Visit to the Governor's Palace "Palace Khudayarhan" XIX and early XX centuries.

    Ø  Friday mosque of the XIX century.

    Ø  Mausoleum of Dakhma-i-Chakhon and Modarikhon.

    Continuation of the road to the city of Tashkent (250 km).

    Arrival to Tashkent. Time to explore the capital of Uzbekistan. Sightseeing tour of the modern city and visiting the main monuments of the old city:

     Chorsu bazaar,

    Ø  Barak-Khan madrasah, Yunus-Khan et de Kaffal-al-Sashi mausoleums,

    Ø  Hasti Imam mosque,

    Ø  Tachkent subway

    After sightseeing flight to Nukus. Arrival and transfer to the city.

    Accommodation in the hotel.

    Overnight in Nukus.


Nukus – Khiva. Visit to the Savitsky Museum and route to Khiva. Explore Zoroastrian castles. Night in Khiva.

  • Breakfast.

    Visit to the Savitsky Museum, which houses the Savitsky collection, nicknamed "Louvre in the Desert", "Collection of Forgotten Art". The fact is that these myths form the three groups that make up the bulk of the collections of an art museum. The first of these is what is called the avant-garde of Turkestan, that is, Central Asian modernism of the early twentieth century. The second one is a well-known, extensive collection of Soviet paintings and engravings without censorship of the 1920–1960s, which included rare archives of various authors. The third - the ethnographic part: the objects of the habitat and decorative arts of Karakalpakstan, as well as excavation objects, telling about the rich ancient history of the region.

    Departure to Khiva (260 km) through the Zoroastrian remains, in the citadel of ancient Khorezm. The Khorezm civilization arose around the middle of the second millennium. It appeared later than ancient Egypt and Babylon were born, but in very similar conditions of nature.

    Ø  Silence Tower "Chilpyk Kala" - like a small cylinder-shaped fortress without a roof - a dakhma. The bodies of the departed were left in the large open towers of silence (dakhmas) where the vultures, by eating, cleared the bones of flesh. When only bones remained, they were buried in a crypt intended for the deceased.

    Ø  Sultan Uvays  : The cult complex "Sultan-Uvays" consists of Mazar-Chinar-Bobo and other places of worship. This place is especially unusual, with the sacred mountains of Sultan Uvais, which are not very high and famous for their absolutely black and ocher color. In ancient times, on its slopes was the sanctuary of Anahita - the goddess of water and fertility. Today there is only one pond with sacred fish.

    Ø  Tuprak Kala –  the ancient capital of Khorezm, one of the most important strongholds of the region, dating back to III c. BC and IV in BC

    Continuation of the road to Khiva. Arrive at the end of the day. Accommodation in the hotel.  Free time to walk around the city center, where you can take pictures at sunset. Night in Khiva.

Khiva. City tour in Khiva. Night in Khiva.

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

    Khiva –  one of the ancient cities on the Silk Road.

    The opening of Khiva - a city-museum under the open sky, UNESCO heritage. The fortress city with high clay adobe walls like a fairytale castle from "1000 and one nights"!  Yes, yes, this is not a dream, you plunge through the centuries into the fairy-tale atmosphere of the olden time!

    During our visit, you will discover wonders such as:

    Ø  Main entrance gate "Ota Darvoza",

    Ø  The madrasah of Mohamed Amin Khan and its minaret Kalta Minor (XIX c),

    Ø  Arch - Citadel "Kuniya Ark" - a city in the city with its high ramparts, the residence of the Emirs of Khiva (VII  - XIX c),

    Ø  The madrasah Mohamed Rakhim Khan (beginning of XX c),

    Ø  Juma Mosque with 213 carved wooden columns (X-XVIII c.).

    Lunchtime in one of the cafes with a beautiful view of the whole city (not included). Continuation of the tour.

    Ø  Harem « Toch Hovli » and Allah Kulikhan palace (XIX c),

    Ø  Minaret and madrasah of Islam Khodja (beginning XX c),

    Ø  Mausoleum Pahlavan Mahmoud (XIV – XIX c),

    Ø  Street with artisan workshops.

    Free time to take beautiful photos at sunset. Overnight in the hotel. 

Khiva – Bukhara. The road through the Kyzyl Kum desert. Night in Bukhara.

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

    Road to Bukhara through the Kyzyl Kum desert  (475 km, 6 hours by car).

    On the way, there are several stops to discover the desert fauna and flora, which will be very beautiful in spring. Desert bushes - saxaul bloom and there will be other flowers: tulips, poppies, ferrules, etc. The jerboas are having fun on the dunes or under the bushes.  Of course, there will be a lunch stop at one of the oasis cafes. Arrival in Bukhara and accommodation in the hotel. Time to freshen up.

    Stroll through the old town to discover the caravanserai and get to know the locals.

    Night in Bukhara.


Bukhara. City tour in Bukhara. Night in Bukhara.

  • Breakfast in the hotel.  

    Discover the Bukhara, one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, with its numerous historical monuments.

    Ø  Mavsoleum Ismail Samani (IX-X centuries),  Mavsoleum Tchachma Ayoub –  well (XII – XVII centuries) and the traditional bazaar of Bukhara,

    Ø  Mosque Bolo House (XVIII century),

    Ø  Arche – Citadel – built in the IV century BC by Siyavush – legendary hero of ancient Bukhara. And in the XVI century became a residence of Emirs of Bukhara.

    Time for lunch right at Poyi Kalon – the center of the old town (not included). Tour continuation:

    Ø  Poyi Kalon complex,  consisting of the Kalon Minaret  (XII c),  XVI century Mosque and Madrasah Miri Arab.

    Ø  Trade house : Toki Zargaron, Toki Telpakfrushon, and Toki Sarrafon,

    Ø  Madrasah Ulugbek (XV c) and madrasah Abdulazizkhan (XVII c), Mosque Magoki Attori,

    After the tour, you’ll have free time for cruising the old town.

    Night in Bukhara.


Bukhara. Visiting the surroundings of Bukhara. Afternoon - free time. Night in Bukhara.

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

    Half-day tour to discover the monuments around Bukhara.

    Trip to discover the monuments around Bukhara. It is highly recommended to visit the place of worship of Baha Uddin Naqshbandi in the morning when there will be only local pilgrims. This place is considered as Mecca of Central Asia where you can see faces of all the people of Central Asia.  This is a real paradise for the photographer.  Continuing the path to the summer residence of the Bukhara emirs "Sitora-i-Mohi Khosa". The architecture of the octagonal palace harmoniously combines eastern and western style. The palace consists of a "White Room" - a common reception and reception of the Emir, rooms for negotiations, and a harem. Return to the city. Visite the Madrasah with 4 minarets «Tchor Minor».

    Lunch in the local cafe (not included).  Free time after lunch to cruise around and to enjoy your shopping.  Folklore concert-show, music, dances, songs and fashion shows from Uzbek silk fabrics.   Night in Bukhara.


Bukhara – Kyzyl Kum Desert. Explore Vabkent minaret and Gijduvan pottery. Night in a Yurt.

  • Breakfast in the hotel.


    Departure at 8 am from Bukhara by car to the Desert Kyzyl Kum (230 km).

    On the way, stop to discover the Minaret of Vabkent, dating back to the XII century, and the workshop of a local potter in Gijduvan town. Continue the drive through Kyzyl Kum desert through an amazing view.

    Arrival to the Yurt camp. Accommodation in a Yurt. Lunch (included). After lunch drive to Aydarkul Lake to explore the flora and fauna, and to swimming. Return to the Yurt camp. Camel safari for about 20-30 min through sandy dunes to explore Kyzyl Kum desert. Free time and at sunset you will take an amazing picture.

    Dinner (included). Campfire accompanied by Nomad’s musics and songs.

    Overnight in a Yurt.



Kyzyl Kum Desert – Samarkand. Visit to the Registan in the late afternoon. Night in Samarkand.


Drive to Samarkand (250 km) - a world-famous city, the pearl of the East, which was once the crossroads of the Great Silk Road. On the way, some stop to explore Nurata Town curiosities and some of the villages.

Arrival and lunch (not included) at a local cafe. Accommodation in the hotel. Rest and freshen up.

Visiting the main square of the Registan with its three monumental madrasas (15-17 centuries): Registan place with its monumental 3 madrasas: madrasah Ulugbek (XV c), madrasah Sher Dor and Tilla Kori (beginning of the 17th century), Gur Emir ("tomb of the sovereign") – mausoleum of Tamerlane – Central Asian architecture masterpiece. Overnight in Samarkand.


Samarkand. Discover the city. Night in Samarkand.

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion in Samarkand. It will be very desirable to visit the necropolis Shahi Zinda in its morning soft sun light, where you will shoot best photos.

Ø  Shakhi Zinda – this necropolis consists of 14 mausoleums clad in glittering blue ceramics, builded side by side like a precious stone.

Ø  Bibi Khanym Mosque, the largest mosque in Central Asia with its huge blue dome,

Ø  Samarkand's «Siab» market will pamper everyone with happy shopping among the colorful stalls.  

Passing the pedestrian street «Tashkent» with many souvenir shops, at the end of the street you will get to the famous Registan square – the heart of ancient Samarkand, to admire the beautiful light of the midday sun.  Time to have a Lunch (not included). Continuation of tour:

Ø  Visit to the remains of Ulugbek’s Observatory – the most important astronomical structure of the Middle Ages.

Ø  Museum «Afrosiab» revealing the history of the ancient city of VIII – VII century BC. In XII century BC, the most magnificent showpiece in this museum are the frescoes fund during the excavations of the palace of the governor Baruhman in the 6th-7th centuries of our era. These frescoes depict hunting scenes receiving ambassadors and ritual scene visiting ancestral graves. 


Overnight in Samarkand. 


Samarkand – Tashkent. Free time in Samarkand. Train to Tashkent. Night in Tashkent.


Free time after lunch to cruise around and to enjoy your shopping. Transfer to the train station. Train to Tashkent at 17:00. Arrival at 19h10.

Transfer to the city.

Transfer at the airport.


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The price includes

       1.  Meeting and seeing off at Tashkent airport.

       2. All need transfers according to the program. 

       3. Accommodational in the hotels in a double / twin sharing room with breakfast.

       4.  A night  under the yurt in the desert  Kizil- Koum and homestay in the mountain village 

       5. Guided tours with local guides in the cities according to the program 

       6.   Entrances fees to monuments and museums according to the program   

       7. Flight tickets Tashkent -Nukus. 

       8.  Train ticket between Samarkand and Tashkent

       9.   Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner  

The price doesn’t include

    1.    International flights to/from Tashkent

    2.  Uzbek visa fees (if it is needed).

    3.   Rights to take pictures in monuments and museums.

    4.    Personal expenses and not mentioned services

    5.   Travel Insurance 

    6.    Tips