Let's go to the Heavenly Mountains along the Silk Road

Let's go to the Heavenly Mountains along the Silk Road

Walking through the mountain range of Kichi - Alai - (Small Alai), which will pass through scenic valleys, majestic glaciers, different flavors of mountain flowers, emerald waters of rivers and stream, can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

Are you ready? So, this exciting journey and a wonderful adventure are for you. Mainly for whom who love history, legends, and mountains. Beautiful views of the Alai mountain range, alpine meadows, and mighty juniper forests, fresh and clean air, pristine nature - all this awaits you, and the magnificent panorama of the highest peak in the Pamir-Alai, Lenin Peak (7134 m), opening from the Jyptyk Pass, will be worthy of your reward.

Lenin Peak- is one of the big attractions of this area and many travelers flock to its foot only to see this majestic seven thousander. And for those who want to rise to the height, at least until the 1st camp (4400 m) or up to camp 2 (5200 m). Because this proposed tour is acclimatization and can encourage you to climb most to higher from where you can see the beauty of the Pamir Alay mountain summits covered by eternal snow.


Osh – Kichik Alai mountain range

Transfer to the place of trekking. (55km).Arrival to the Natur reserve Kyrgyz Ata 1600 m, meet with a horse or donkey drovers. Start of trekking to the pasture along the river and through amazing views. First campsite at 2480 m on the lust of green meadows. Overnight in tents


Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



After breakfast start of trekking to the Kum Bel Pass (3100 m) through the green meadow by good trail. On the way, you can meet with local shepherds and can test their milk production and can welcome to drink green tea. The most higher you will enjoy the views of the mountain of surrounding, green river valley and pass through Juniper forests. This is where you will feel far from civilization and noise.

 Camp 2.At riverbank on green meadow. Dinner. Overnight

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



This day will be easy walking along the river Chug a man joying beautiful flora and fauna of the area.


Camp 3 at AkTala pasture near the confluence of AkBura and Turuk rivers. Overnight in tents.


Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



 Walking to the foot of KoshMuynak Pass (3225 m). This day you can meet also the local shepherds grazing their flocks. Your ears feel from distancing the bleating of sheep and goats, whistling of birds and marmots, the slight murmur of the wind through groves and flower fields causing a pleasant aroma under the buzzing of bees and pass through amazing views.

Camp 4 on the foot of Pass at 2700 m. Overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



 Accent to the Pass from where opens a beautiful panorama to the Alay mountain range and to the valleys. Then by a good mountain ridge, we will pass to another Pass m the Sary Bel Pass (3150 m) and descent to the Kojokelen village through juniper forest and canyons of different colors; ocher, red and yellow and the strange rocks like the heroes in the legends. We will discover also the holy waterfall with holy place Kojokelen. Here have unusual energy and here is one of the main regions of Kichi-Alay. There have antiquity, exotic beauty of valleys, mountain cliffs and a few others. So, who was lucky enough to see the unique beauty of this nature. Accommodation Homestays accommodation. Dinner with family. Overnight


Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



After breakfast trekking to the pasture on the foot of Jyptyk Pass along the river of the same name. We will pass across beautiful panorama and arrive at green meadows where you can see the herds of yaks, cows, and horses. Lunch in a local shepherd’s yurt. After lunch free time to discover shepherd’s life or discover the surrounding. Dinner and overnight in yurt.


Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



Accent to the JiptykPass(4185 m).by good trail.FromthepassabeautifulpanoramatoPamir-Alaymountainrangesopens. One of the higher peaks of this area is Lenin peak (7134 m). Picnic.Then descent to the Jiptik river valley. Camp at Karabel tract. Overnight.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 



Trekking along a flat valley to Sary Mogol village which situated on the Pamir High way road. Lunch at a local family. After lunch drive to the foot of Lenin Peak. Accommodation in Yurt at green meadow. Walking to discover of the surrounding. .Overnight.

Meals: breakfast lunch, and dinner 


Base Camp Peak Lenin

Free time or accent to 4200 m from where you can see the glaciers and have a beautiful view of Lenin Peak. Here you can meet with climbers who are under preparation to ascending or return successfully fro the top. Dinner.Overnight.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner   


Base Camp Peak Lenin- Osh

After breakfast transfer to Osh. Arrival and accommodation at the hotel. Overnight.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 


Home flight

Transfer to the airport. Departure from Osh.

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Notes: according to your wishes, we can adjust the program on the reverse side or add more days.

The cost will include:

-           Meeting and seeing off at the airports;

-           Hotel accommodation in the cities of Uzbekistan with registration and breakfast;

-           Sightseeing program according to the program;

-           Entrance fees to the monuments;

-           All transfers ;

-           Services of the team in the active part of the tour;

-           Full board in the mountains;

-           Rent of kitchen and dining equipment;

-           Rent of camp and special equipment;

-           Rent pack animals (donkeys or horses);

-           Basic first aid kit.

The price not will include:

-           International flights;

-           Visa frees;

-           Meals: Lunch and dinner in the Uzbekistan part of travel;

-           Rent personal equipment;

-           Personal first aid kit;

-           Insurance;